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Mind & Body connections - awareness through Pilates


Pilates is like meditation for me, it clears my mind, allows me to focus internally and only think about the present moment, my movement, and what I'm feeling.  It is the fastest way I have discovered to release tension and stress from my body and mind, and I usually can resolve some of my problems by taking a much needed break! 

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Enjoy this 30 minute session, and have an active and mindful day! 

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Mindy Gulas, R.Kin, Exercise Physiologist


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How to get More Movement in your day!

Most people KNOW that physical inactivity is detrimental to health. The human body is developed in such a way that most systems (skeletal, muscle, metabolic and cardiovascular) do not develop and function in an optimal way, unless they’re stimulated by regular physical activity (Booth et al., 2008).  Inactivity ranks 4th among the 5 leading causes of GLOBAL mortality, along with high blood pressure, tobacco use, high blood glucose and obesity (World Health Organization, 2009). The health risks of physical inactivity are similar to tobacco use (Lee et al., 2012).    There is one simple solution: BE ACTIVE and MOVE OFTEN!!! Start TODAY and move more!

Inactivity increases the risk of adverse health conditions that are major causes of death and disability worldwide (United Nations, 2011, 2018), including:


The benefits of physical activity are extensive.  Evidence clearly demonstrates regular physical activity is one of the...

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