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Interval 35

Join now for 35 minute sessions, 3x / week for 8 weeks of Interval Training.


These workouts are designed for age 35+, carefully structured for:

  • maximal strength & recovery (alternate workouts focusing on endurance or strength) 
  • maximal metabolic boosting with strategically timed high intensity intervals 
  • functional movements with various levels of intensity and technique
  • adjust your workouts for your ability, and your challenge
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Pilates is a gentle exercise program on the floor, but don't think it isn't challenging and transformative for your body! The emphasis on breathing, controlling your movements by connecting your mind, breath, and internal focus brings energy deep into the cellular level for a revitalizing, grounding and calming experience. With a focus on your 'core' and connecting all the areas and layers throughout your torso for stability, combined with flowing movements of the extremities, your joints will feel simultaneously stronger and looser (yes that's possible!).  Join me for 8 weeks to engage your core, hips, thighs and upper body with this gentle program. 

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Life Stretch with Carrie


LifeStretch is a mobility-stretch class that uses gentle, pain free movements coordinated with your breath to find new ranges of motion in your body.

These movements are based around principles of fascia and the lines or nets of fascia that run through our bodies. Each week we will focus on 1 or 2 of these main lines or nets of fascia and the muscles working within those lines.

Our bodies are made for movement at every age and we want to optimize our movement abilities no matter what stage we are at.


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The best of both - jump start your metabolism by personalizing your plan of whole food, high nutrient density eating, that is right for your body type and fitness level, PLUS understand from a functional medicine approach how your hormonal system, adrenals, and immunity may be affecting your progress.   Working with both Mindy & Alex, you will be thriving with the new energy and vitality your body creates as it heals itself and releases unwanted fat.  These 2 programs can be completed simultaneously or independently.  Either way, this package option saves you $100 today!

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Immunity Booster

Through this 8 week program, you will gain a full understanding of  your immune systems and cells, key nutrients and diet choices to support your immune system. 

Modules are provided in video and PDF format, with a weekly group session where the instructor will review the weekly module and answer your specific questions. 

The expertise of Functional Medicine practitioner Alexandria Crowe will guide you right into the next cold & flu season being confident that you are doing all the right things to support your body.  


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Metabolic Booster

This 8 week program is exactly what you need if you are tired of all the gimmicks and fads, and you are ready to create YOUR perfect nutrition plan, based on your body type, size, metabolic rate, and food preferences. There's no eliminating foods, just balancing out your nutrients for a fully nourishing, health supporting plan to help you control your cravings, drop body fat, and learn habits that you can maintain for life. 

Because there is no one size fits all, you must understand how to identify what is right for you and your body.


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When you take action to do something good for yourself, it's an instant boost to your mood, your self worth and confidence.  It might be as simple as flossing your teeth more carefully to improve your dental hygiene (did you know this is linked to your gut health and immunity?).  Every single one of our programs is created because our health pros have found what helps them be the best, and spend years practicing, studying and researching their specialties.  This platform is to share it all with you! Pick a plan and get started today! 

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