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Functional Training for Fat Loss & Metabolism

Functional 35 min workouts, for women 35+, 3x/ week for fast results!

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Resistance and weight bearing exercise is essential to strengthen the body & mind.  We all need it to maintain healthy bones, joints, and hormones,  prevent aging and maintain immunity.

Fat Burning

High Intensity Intervals are included in all of the workouts to stimulate the metabolic centres of the body.  Varying intensities are provided with guidance to progress at your own level.


The functional fitness movements  offer continual variation of exercises to challenge the entire body muscular and cardiovascular system. This overlaps to make everyday life easier. 


 In the 5 weeks I have doing your interval training workouts I have noticed a marked improvement in my strength, range of motion and overall endurance, AND with no added injuries!  Your knowledge, content and selection of workouts is phenomenal. 

Thank you!

Janice B.

"I can't thank you enough!  Just this week I went for a weekly bike ride on the trail and for the first time I actually finished the ride by completing a very steep hill at the end and it didn't even feel like I was working hard! 

My legs have gotten so strong!" 

Karen P.


Interval Training 

Take control of your health, and be your best self, 1% more, day by day. 

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