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What comes to mind with the word 'mindfulness'? 

Many of us think about meditation, trying to remove all thoughts and sit quietly.  Meditation has fabulous benefits to our mental healthy, but most of us don't take the time to add this practice into our already overbooked schedules. 

Mindfulness is more of a way of thinking, a way of being.  It's paying attention, with curiosity and non-judgement to the chatter in our mind, and noticing what is happening in our body.  It is about connecting to the moment, and being kind to yourself.

In her book 'Good Morning, I love you',

Shauna Shapiro shares her personal journey and professional wisdom and research on mindfulness. 


By practicing mindfulness, you become aware of what's going on within yourself.  It helps to become (and stay) grounded and calm as it activates your parasympathetic nervous system, allowing rest and recovery.  When you are calm, you are able to focus, stay productive, and release tension in the body.  It has been shown to increase happiness, empathy and compassion, to improve memory and creativity activates the brain areas responsible for our well being. It helps us decrease stress and cortisol, sleep better, and can even slow the aging process. 

Mindy Gulas, R.Kin

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