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6 Tips to Stay on Task



  1. Clarify why each job, task, or action is important
  • Understanding what value the task brings can shift things into perspective, and help you stay focused.
  • Having a sense of inclusion, being part of larger projects, something bigger than yourself can be rewarding.
  • Who is it important to? Who will benefit?
  • How is your involvement important?
  • Find the good and focus on it.


  1. Be realistic about your efficiency
  • We all think we can get things done efficiently.
  • We are not all experts at everything.
  • Allow 10% flexibility for distractions, delays, and adjust your expectations of yourself and others based on the evidence of what is really happening.
  • Adjust your planning and scheduling accordingly


  1. Focus on the most effective tasks
  • Being busy and being productive aren’t the same thing. Many people stay ‘busy’ by majoring in minor things. Stop being ‘busy’. Be effective and productive.
  • Assess what you really need to do, and what will get results!


  1. Use the 80:20 rule
  • Complete 80% of you daily list, allow flexibility for 20%
  • For larger projects, break it into chunks; aim for 20% each week, and you will have it done in 5 weeks!
  • Is the bottom 20% of your list really important?


  1. Plan time for your favourite distractions
  • We all have other things that are more interesting than the work task, and procrastination is a real thing!
  • Planning a block of time (or 2 or 3 short blocks) for these distractions helps you stay on task. You will need to work on the delayed gratification, but achieving that in itself is an accomplishment that helps you feel more in control.


  1. Be mindful
  • When you start to notice what you can notice during the day, you quickly see some patterns.
    • What time of day you are most productive
      • Morning, afternoon, before or after meals
    • What type of work or tasks are you most productive at
      • Do you enjoy the content or no? Who are you working with or for? Do you get feedback on it?
    • How are you feeling when you are most productive
      • Do you feel energized, rested & alert, tired, hungry or unwell?
      • Do you feel appreciated, acknowledged and part of a team, vs. ignored, dismissed or resentful?
    • What else do you notice?

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