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Mindy Gulas

My focus on helping people improve their vitality and health happens naturally through improving posture, awareness and mindset.  Virtual relationships and work is a reality that we all need to adapt to. 

 Using simple strategies and conversation lead to taking small steps for lasting changes that are sustainable.  This holistic approach helps people quickly notice self improvements in energy, self determination, and so many areas of health that go far beyond the primary goals of positive thinking, posture, consistent exercise and whole food nutrition. 

Activation Method Coaching
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With nearly 20 years of practice as a Kinesiologist, I have worked with individuals and small groups to achieve fitness and healthy lifestyles, with corporations to provide ergonomics and injury prevention programs. I've  training new Kinesiologists and taught Fitness & Health at a local College.  Kinesiology was not popular when I started, but I have always had a fascination with understanding how our bodies work and particularly behaviour change, why we make the choices we make.  The evidence based principles of human movement, physiology and neural / brain based training is an exciting field that explains how our minds and bodies are interconnected, and applying these principles can have life changing results in physical and mental wellbeing for those who are ready to take one small step forward. 

Please browse this site (I'm continually growing and building it so check back often!).  If you find something you are curious about, please click below to schedule a complimentary Clarity Session. During this session I’ll help you discover what the next step for you might look like! 


"Mindy is the real deal.  She lives and breaths what she promotes, and is truly a role model. Her guidance through the Metabolic Booster nutrition & fitness program helped me steadily lose the weight, eliminate my back pain, and keep it off a year later" - Josephine 


Workplace Training

Health and Safety programs require a focus on Injury Prevention.  This program is designed for JHSC and new employees to train the ergonomic hazards & risk factors for injury.

MSD Training

5 Days free fitness

Interval 35 is a 35 minute workout designed with perfect posture and movement practice to mobilize and strengthen, and reach high intensity without the impact to your joints! Join anytime to access previous workouts.  Next 5 day challenge coming soon!

5 Day Fit Challenge


Activation Method (TM)  Coaching system empowers the client to take action daily in their life.  Strategies guide people to take real action to create the changes desired in one's life. 

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Employer Services

15-20 minute wellness seminars to assist employees transitioning to home.  Topics include Ergonomics, Mindset, Productivity, Posture and more! 

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