NOTE: The instructors are Registered Health Professionals and cannot provide individual prescriptive advice without a private consultation. These sessions are designed to be followed independently, at your own risk, as the instructors will NOT be able to observe participants posture or movement technique or provide feedback.  Instruction with be provided verbally and through demonstration examples by the instructor.  

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Interval Training 35

NEXT SESSION begins Feb 17, 2021!!

Start or end your day with the best self care - looking after your body and mind!

What you'll get:

  • Strength, energy and confidence in yourself
  • Mindful movement techniques for fastest physical results
  • Safe and effective program for fat burning and health designed by Kinesiologist and Exercise Physiologist 
  • Convenient, safe and fun  for home with a variety and gradual progressions 
  • Virtual experience to save you time & money
  • Join the live virtual group, 6:30am Mon, Wed, Fri or check in on your own time through the website or mobile app!
  • Access for 3 more months, or as long as you remain a member of any Strong Body Balance program! 

WATCH the video for a FULL explanation of:

  • Who am I (Mindy Gulas, your Instructor), why I created Interval 35, and why you should listen to me and consider this instead of all the free YouTube videos out there! (0-2min)
  • What is interval training (1:50)
  • How is Interval 35 different (6:25)
  • Mindfulness (8:00)
  • Brain Training (8:50)
  • How can High Intensity Intervals be safe for everyone? (9:45)
  • How to make change happen in the body (10:45)
  • How to assess your resting heart rate and calculate your target training zones (11:15)
  • How the nervous system controls EVERYTHING and why you need to train it with INTERVAL 35! (14:40)
  • Proprioception and SAID Theory - Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demands (16:15)
  • Creating new neural pathways (the secret to changing habits, improving the body and brain) (17:15)
  • Sensory Motor Cortex and Brain function - how it is affected by movement training (18:00)
  • Homonculus - a must see if you don't know what this is! (19:30)
  • Proprioception (20:30)
  • How Interval 35 helps you train movement patterns for improved brain function (22:50)
  • Movement and Postural control (23:30)